Writing Rules

About Papers and Writing Rules

About Papers

In order to participate in the congress, abstracts must be sent in the range of 250-400 words to this forms until February 3, 2021. The research question and the findings should be mentioned in the summary/abstract text

Note: For the participants who presented their papers to our congress, they can submit their full texts if they wish;

  1. In the special issue of TUİÇ Academy Journal to be created for the congress
  2. In the Congress Full Text Booklet

It will be possible to publish it through the peer-review process.

Writing Rules

  • The word range of the texts to be sent as a paper is 250-400 words.
  • The abstract to be sent must contain 5 keywords.
  • The abstract in the text to be sent must be in the language in which the paper is written.
  • Papers can be written both in Turkish and English.
  • The font size of the texts should be 12 points and the font should be Times New Roman.
  • Line spacing for page layout should be 1.5. The margins should be adjusted to be 2.5 cm from all sides.
  • APA should be used as the reference method for the text.
  • For our participants who want to publish their full paper, click here for the spelling rules.

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You can contact us for all your questions, opinions and suggestions about the congress. We will be happy to answer your questions!